Parking Facilities

Tower Parking

The tower parking system has approximately 10 % more efficiency compared to the elevator parking system.
It can be used in various places such as shopping malls, multiplex halls where vehicles are concentrated, and offices and amusement parks where vehicles are frequently in and out.
The simple structure ensures high reliability with low risk of failure.


Elevator Parking

The speed of the lifting device is up to 120m/min.
There is no problem with low voltage even when two units are connected.
Low noise and low vibration are possible by the elevator method.


Two-step Lift Type Parking

Adopted the unit system that can combine any number of units according to the site. If the concrete is a flat ground, there is no need for foundation work, installation, relocation and expansion are simple.
Moreover, it is an economical type of wire rope-type that realizes an affordable price and also realizes less maintenance cost and administrative expenses.


Pit Lift Type Parking

The pit lift type parking system can be installed outdoors or indoors. Depending on the size and shape of the property, any number of units can be freely combined and installed.
Such a parking lot can provide effective use of the site by building pits and maximizing the use of vertical space at different levels. For example, the 2-stages system will provide the twice more effective use, and the 3-stages system will provide 3 times more effective use.


Horizontal Lift Multi-stage Parking

Simple Self-propelled Type Paking

The parking lot system has evolved over decades, in response to more and more diverse needs.
It uses safe and secure concrete floors and provides maximum safety of the layout.
In addition to the conventional flat method, the skip method has been introduced.
Flexible corner cuts applicable to every site is also available.
It is a versatile and outstanding parking lot system that meets any conditions.