Logistics Facilities

1. Automatic Warehouse

Automatic Warehouse is an integrated automatic warehouse of a rack (shelf) and a crane that improve the safekeeping efficiency by storing goods in a high-rise rack in the three-dimensional space. By doing so, it is possible to reduce workers' burden such as loading/unloading heavy objects and handling dangerous goods. It also helps improve the work environment, especially in the freezing/refrigerating warehouse.

Loading/unloading can be operated in a simple manner such as touching the panel and barcode reader, so the process can remain standardized regardless of the workmanship. It will eventually reduce human errors by dramatically reducing unnecessary work such as "search, walk and take out".

Automatic execution of FIFO (first-in, first-out) can be achieved by computers with stereoscopic automatic warehouse.
It is possible to check the existence of long-term stagnant items and to obtain the inventory status information by performing inventory management based on the input and output data.
It is also possible to manage inventory in cooperation with the existing warehouse management system.

2. Automatic Mobile Shelf

Automatic Mobile Shelf is a generic term for motorized mobile pallets.
It is ideal for warehouses that store large quantities of various products and merchandise in pallets.

・Storage capacity can be increased from 1.5 to 2 times
When the load / unload operation is not carried out, the passageway becomes a complete dead space.
Normally, keep the rack tightly closed and open the passageway by moving the rack when you are working, and the dead space is completely released.。
The storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased from 1.5 times to 2 times.

・Various Line-up
The optimum specification can be selected from a wide range of line-up depending on the installation environment, conditions, and shape of the storage.

・Remote Diagnostic Service(Option Function)
TANAKON III is equipped with an operation log automatic transmission function.
The operation status is checked every day with the operation log which is sent, and the safety and the relief are given to the customer.