Marine Engineering

1. Outsourcing of Ship Design

Do you currently have issues such as:
・Only few employees can check the drawings as experienced staffs are retiring, and the design process tends to be delayed.
・You do not want to increase the number of employees in the design, even though you are busy now.

If so, please contact FUKUSUKE ENGINEERING!

We can help you from the basic to detailed design of hull / engine section/ electric section.
Please also let us design the modification work for BWMS · MGO's in-service ship.

2. Ship Recycing ; Inventory Creation

In 2020, it will be necessary to acquire IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Material) for vessels
sailing within the region of the EC.

It will be necessary to acquire IHM for vessels sailing in the region of the EC within 2020.
In the meantime, preparations for laws that obligate IHM acquisition in Japan are proceeding.
From now on, in shipbuilding, IHM acquisition is required for ship owners.

"But I cannot hire new staffs and I do not know how to proceed ..."
Fukusuke Engineering takes over the task of the shipyard acquiring IHM on a new ship system.

Fukusuke`s specialists also visit vessels that are already in service and investigate the presence of hazardous substances on your ship.
Please consult with Fukusuke engineering.


3. Quality Assurance
 3-1)For shipyard
  An experienced veteran with a major shipyard helps quality assurance and inspection work of the ship being built.

 3-2)For ship owner
  An experienced veteran with a major shipyard takes over your position and oversees the construction of the ship.
  Quality assurance and supervision that can only be done by people who knew the shipyard work system.
  Ship owners who has difficulties with sending their employees to the shipyard, please consult Fukusuke Engineering.